Hi, I am Levan [Le-v`an], a Software Developer working in the .Net/C# field. I speak four languages and love to work in multicultural environments.

I built my first website back in 2012 but it wasn’t until 2016 as I decided that I want to pursue a career in programming.

I started learning Python and became an active member of the Python user group in Munich. There I also gave a talk about Python's Bokeh plotting library.

In 2017 I continued by learning German and in 2018 I began my dual study degree at a vocational school in Germany.

While studying my primary programming language was C# in web technologies like ASP.NET web forms. Apart from web development with C#, I created some Wordpress websites with a custom theme and further I build an API to connect to marketplaces which are using the Mirakl-API (Mirakl (startup from France) is an API between various marketplaces and the seller).

Disclaimer: The following content uses terms and keywords which should make sense to people familiar with the .Net/C# world.

Since 2020 my main focus has been on building web APIs with ASP.Net Core and company-internal web applications with Blazor.

The APIs were built with a vertical slice architecture and using the MediatR library to handle the requests (mediator pattern). This architecture was presented by Jimmy Bogard (of course, every project is different, so our implementations were not 1 to 1 to Jimmy’s recommendations).

The Blazor projects which I build from scratch are both Blazor server and web assembly projects. On the Front end I have used the MudBlazor component library. Moreover, I have worked on a Xamarin project and also on another one which was using a NoSQL Cosmos database and serverless Azure functions.

Other tools, technologies and patterns I have worked with: